Wednesday, November 18, 2015

and life goes on

Did you hear that exhale? That was me, finally able to breathe again when my tech whiz hubby said those magical 8 words. "I recovered your photos from the dead laptop."

It was all of 2015. All of it. Yeah, I should have been backing up. I get that. Lesson learned.

When I went to the past months of photos I was a little overwhelmed. Where do I start, how do I pick up where I left off? There was the annual camping trip with Joy and her fabulous family to Shenandoah National Park back in early September...

And then much of September and October was spent with boat friends from all over. Two boats from Europe both with boys Zach's age hung out for about 6 weeks. It was non-stop fun with the kids making constant mischief (both the good kind and the not so good kind at times.) And the moms all drinking wine together and marveling at the universal antics of the pre-teen boy. We had such fun showing them our crazy but colorful country and hoped they came away realizing we're all quite friendly here and not nearly as plastic as we may seem.

There was a lot of late nights, and laughing, and wine, and playing music. My little ukulele and friends with guitars and ukes made for many happy memories late summer and fall. There is nothing like music (and wine) to bring people together and create connections. Of course there aren't many photos of those wonderful moments, or any that are for public consumption.

And we got in our last chilly sails on the Bay before winter hibernation. Sunny crisp and beautiful as always.

And of course Halloween at the marina is always a treat (haha!) It's such a sweet little tribe of kids, both boat kids and local kids who merge into the tribe for the experience of dock trick-or-treating. Our neighbors as always got really into it making it fun for the kids.

And finally earlier this month I got to hop on a friend's boat for a delivery down the Bay for a few days. Sailing other people's boats is always fun... it's all new and exciting, but when something breaks it's not your worry! It was a beautiful little trip, a nice mama break from the daily homeschool grind. Though just after the trip I got sick sick sick. Still recovering slowly. Glad I stayed well enough to make the little get away. It really made me appreciate just how beautiful our Chesapeake Bay is, with sunsets and pelicans and dolphins and boats from all over the world.

There is no way to go back and truly rehash all of the living that's happened in the last 3 months since my laptop up and died. But that's ok. I have all of the precious moments etched in my heart and mind, making me smile and remember. Documented or not, life goes on, and how sweet it is.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Five Times Around The Sun

~~~I am way behind here with photos and writing about what we've been up to.  Partially it's because sometimes when life is so full and so fabulous you just have to soak it all in before you can reflect on it all. And mostly it's because we had a laptop crash, and I lost all of my photos from 2015 (ouch). Then we lost internet for about a month and I swear I became common law married to the Comcast tech guy who was on the boat nearly every day sorting out the issue. Back in the saddle and catching up now. ~~~

This fiery little soul is 5 years old now. She waits for the signs each year, watching the trees closely, waiting for them to change. As leaves fade from green to yellow and red and orange and brown, she starts asking... "Is this the day? Is it my happy birthday now? The leaves are showing me it's my birthday!"

Her big day was small but sweet. A little cake with friends, some celebrating with our immediate family. And walk with her birthday silk umbrella.

This girl is full of spark and love and curiosity and she is tough and tender all at once. She loves music and animals and little things and pushing her brother's buttons whenever she can. She is my muse and my teacher and the one who makes me laugh each and every day. Happy 5th Birthday my sweet Naia.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


So much goodness has been squeezed into our last month or so of summer. I've just been having too much fun to even go through photos, let alone sort them and post them and such. It's been a whirlwind of friends old and new, late nights of laughter and wine, dockside jam sessions, BBQ's, road trips, and so many happy memories.

Last month we traveled up to Woodstock, NY to attend the Summer Hoot music festival again. It was as magical and musical as the last 2 years. This year was especially sweet for me because I finally had a chance to attend some of the later at night music acts and events while the kiddos hung back with other adults at the camp site. Pure fabulous listening to beautiful music under the stars with friends.

 (Naia liked standing right up by the stage and talking to the performers between songs. She normally would say something along the lines of, "Excuse me, that was really beautiful. Will you play more music?")

 (There was a fabulous bluegrass performance of Peter and the Wolf, which had a surprise guest narrator... Kate Pierson from the B-52's!)

(Mike and Ruthy not only host this entire festival, but they rock out too!)


(Once again the big kids were off on their own adventures, and we mostly only saw them from afar or when they ran out of spending money.)

Oh yes, another brilliant performance by Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower. Naia was once again up at the edge of the stage, mostly telling Elizabeth and Dan's daughter Storey how beautiful she was. Then there was the part where I lost track of Naia after the set, and it ends up she was stalking Elizabeth and Storey back in the performers area. But we won't go there. After a set of sweet sing along songs, they were ready to walk off stage when a little girl started crying. "Oh no, we don't want any tears," Elizabeth sweetly said from the stage. Then she offered that she and Dan would meet any little fans who didn't hear songs they loved and sing for them over in a shady area.

Naia went and waited for them to sing to the 3 or 4 other kids who had requests. Including the little girl above who wanted to hear John The Rabbit. Such a beautiful and telling moment, seeing the way they gave this special girl such special attention.

Then Naia requested the song Blue Clouds. They sang it just for her, and she was in complete awe. It's a beautiful song that they wrote for their daughter when she was little, and I often sing it for Naia at bed time. When they were finished Naia asked, "Do you know any songs by Madonna?" Hilarious because I am not sure where she'd ever heard of Madonna. I asked them if they were going to publish more chords and lyrics on their web page because I like playing their songs on my ukulele for Naia. She asked which song I wanted to learn, I told her, and she said, "Ok, I'll teach you how to play it now." I was floored and a touch nervous since I've only been playing for about 6 months. She grabbed a uke, gave me a little lesson, and then said, "Ok, now you sing and play it for me." Uh... I am not singing in front of you guys. But I'll play and you can sing it. So that's what we did. It all ended in a big grateful hug and many heartfelt thanks. Seriously, such a warm, fabulous family making awesome music together.

That really personifies the whole vibe. So very giving and genuine and inspiring.

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