Sunday, November 04, 2007

What should I be for Halloween?

Zach LOVES Halloween. He's been pondering the dress up possibilities... and this is a boy who loves dressing up. So he wanted to be a shark, a farmer, an astronaut, a llama, a police man, a pilot, a fire man, a doctor,a king, a paleontologist, a WIZARD...

A pirate...?

A knight...?

FINALLY... a decision... SCUBA diver!

We spent the afternoon before Halloween at the old folks home where Zach and I used to volunteer each week. We got 6 of his friends together in costume and the kids paraded around yelling "Happy Halloween" bringing many smiles from the old folks. Then we had a big Halloween party here at the marina for the kids with pizza and pumpkin muffins and crafts and flashlights and glowing things. It was a blast! The next day on Halloween we went to a party at Zach's school and then trick-or-treated with our boat neighbor Mackenzie.
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