Friday, February 13, 2009

Beeswax Love

We've become beeswax junkies over here. It started with the realization that our standard candles were not a good thing when we saw how much black soot they left on the headliner of the boat. If the headliner was getting black after an hour, what about our lungs!?

So we stared not only using only beeswax candles (smells wonderful too!), but also playing with it. This led to our Valentine's craft which I got from this way cool blog.

Grate some red crayon for color. You really only need a dash, we ended up grating WAY more crayon than we used.

Melt some 100% beeswax in an old pot you don't care about and sprinkle some crayon in there.

Pour into silicon molds (easy to pop out that way). Let stand for about an hour or so until hard.
(you can also add a wick if you want to make them into candles.) We added pipe cleaners so they wold have a way to hang.

Then decorate! They smell great when the sun shines through the window in the morning. Don't put them in a VERY sunny spot, or they will melt.

Zach wanted to hang feather and pine cones with his hearts. They help brighten up the blah winter view.


1 comment:

Masasa said...

Those are cute! Happy belated Valentine's Day!

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