Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP - the baby closet!

I had a panic attack this week. The oh-dear-we-are-down-to-one-more-month-and-I-don't-have-a-thing-for-the-baby panic attack. So I started to attack the corners of the boat that have been set aside for the little lass and I am attempting organization.

First we cleared out the closet in the starboard hull that sits between Zach's room and the book nook. Doug and a neighbor built some shelves in there and Zach and I covered the shelves with some fabric.
(The blue stuff you see along the back wall is a thin layer of insulation to prevent the hull from sweating. we have it in all of our closets and it does the trick nicely.)

I was overwhelmed with gratitude upon getting a two packages of lovely hand me down baby clothes from far away. One from my awesome cousin Ananda in Berkeley who has a daughter just 10 months old. And one from another complete stranger/ fellow blogger who contacted me and generously sent a bunch of baby clothes from her grandkids. Seriously, how sweet is that?! So I now have something to actually put the baby in should she arrive at any time (we only saved one single onesie from Zach and had nothing else before... we gave everything else away so we're starting from scratch all over again!) Zach and I also hit the thrift stores this week to fill in the gaps of this and that in the clothing department (socks, blankets, warmer things). 

My work in progress is my attempt to organize and sort the clothes we now have by size, season, type -- ok how exactly do you sort baby clothes? Wow it's been a long time.
(eeek! reality check!)

It's funny how this boy who not only could care less about what he wears but often wanders forgetfully outside in just his undies, has now become so interested in dressing his future sister. Every outfit we got was met with an "AWWWW! That is SO cute!" And he's declared himself "Minister of Wardrobe" insisting that he wants to be in charge of picking her outfits out each day.

We're still not "ready". We still don't have all of the things we need, even though truly we don't need a lot. But lists are being made (I just remembered today that we need to buy an infant PFD! Duh!), items are slowly being checked off as we shop around, and hopefully we'll be as ready as one can be for a new baby.


Joy said...

It's really getting close, but I'm confident that you'll pull it all together in time. :)

TulsiLeaf said...

i have that very same fabric(that you used on your shelves) only in orange.

I wouldn't even know where to start, I think I would look at it and go

"hmmmm, I think I need a smoothie"

Beth said...

Try to rest and not be too busy. We were very busy getting our house ready for our second, our daughter, and we were exhausted when I realized that I was going into labor at 9:00 one night! love, Beth

Leonelovers said...

Looks like you are getting a little nesting fever, huh? Well, if you need ANYTHING baby girl related, please email me asap because I would be more than happy to mail you some of our stuff before we move aboard this Sept 1st!!! Weeeeee!!!!

J B said...

Preparedness will arrive in a week. :) Err, at least some more preparedness.

Bethany said...

I fell in to the cute trap and now have a closet full of baby girl clothes :) Looks like your nearly ready!

gardenmama said...

Cindy I still can't believe you are so close to meeting your baby girl! I know, I know not helping... I remember feeling this way with my third and all felt well in the world having special things set aside just for him. Please! Tell me what is on your list! xoxo Take care mama!

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