Friday, October 01, 2010

and rising...

You know that old Johnny Cash song... "how high's the water mama? Five feet high and rising..."

Well... we lived it yesterday and last night and still a bit this morning. I guess I wasn't weather watching as well as I normally would and we got the remanents of some tropical system or another passing through. The south wind and excessive rainfall made the Chesapeake Bay swell like my belly and creep over her banks... and our docks.
(That's a long way down. At least you splash if you fall.)

You see, we're a little old school here on the Bay. Go south to Florida or out west to Cali and they get that storms happen, so they have floating docks made of anything but wood. The boats and the docks move with the changing water levels. Here, we have fixed wooden docks with narrow walkways which means anytime the water levels change, we have to adjust the lines and such. I was out tugging our spring lines and adjusting like mad all afternoon. I figured, hey, strain away, who cares if it triggers labor at this point! (it didn't, by the way)

But then the water came all the way up and over the dock. And the power went off (again). And the solar regulator burped and shuddered and switched off. So I called Doug home early from work and we started getting ready for a long wet night along with our neighbors.
(Everyone was out taking photos, helping each other, staring in wonder.)

Of course, Zach thought it was one big, wet, party!

 (Doesn't every mama think thier boy walks on water? :) Hard to tell where the dock ends and the Bay begins.)
Playtime on the flooded docks went until we realized we had a small window to get back on the boat IF we were to get back on at all as all of these photos were taken at LOW tide.
The dock boards started to come loose and it was getting unsafe, so we climbed back aboard. I was thinking this would be the perfect time to go into labor, with the only way off the boat being a swan dive and a breast stroke. But alas, no action.

So with no power coming in from sun or dock plugs, and batteries slowly draining from the trickle charge we got in the cloud covered sky, we were grateful that we'd just made a batch of recycled beeswax votives (more on that another time).
(Zach peering out into the stormy night, waiting for daddy to come back from helping dock neighbors.)
(Looking in from the cockpit, it actually looked quite cozy.)

 A family drawing night, sounds of the storm guiding our imaginations, squinting by candlelight to see what colors we were actually using... wondering how high the water would get... Johnny Cash singing to me in my dreams all night long.


Beth said...

What a big adventure! I always wondered where your boat was moored. Our family has a place near White Stone and we love the Bay. I hope you aren't stranded for too long! love, Beth

Joy said...

It looks like those boats are going to float over the dock. Yikes! Love the cozy evening you had. :)

Patty said...

Even though the water was high, the pictures share a beautiful side to mother nature. I love the pictures you take!

sarah in the woods said...

I love the pictures of your boy playing on the dock - and how cozy it looks in your cabin. Looks like you made lemonade out of the lemons falling from the sky.

gardenmama said...

Oh, Cindy!
We are supposed to have flooding today too, I'm not sure this is a 'fun' adventure for you to be having at this point in your pregnancy! It sure does look cozy on board! Possibly a water birth!? ; ) Take care mama, take care. xo

Laura and Hans said...

We wondered how bad things were down there (our boat is on the hard).
Great pictures, and seeing docks under water has always given me the heebee jeebies! But c'mon! Imagine how exciting things would really have been if you'd gone into labor!

Susanna Joy said...

It won't be long now, sister... ;) This will always be part of your daughter's story. How cool.
Love from up north.

kellyi said...

(this may already appear - blogger playing up)

It looks so perfect and cosy - but then I am on dry land looking in!

Hope the new shipmate arrives the next time I check in!

eringoodman said...

thinking of you and sending lots of love...



Lily Boot said...

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I am so pleased the little one didn't choose that evening. Hope you are dry and cozy still and that the storm is safely past. :-)

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

I have been joking that the storm is my revenge on VA (It does have my name and all). Hee,hee. I am glad to see you are safe and cozy though. The pictures of your candlelit evening are so beautiful!!
I am thinking of you and YOUR belly ;) <3

mare said...

october 4th, your silence is so loud. our fingers are crossed - peace and blessings to you and your family.

mare in sag harbor, ny

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