Friday, February 17, 2012

cork craft (or an excuse to drink more wine)

I have been scouring Pinterest and the web looking for ways to creatively organize Zach's "office" space and our evolving craft/school room. I saw a simple project that we were able to knock off in less than an hour. First we collected wine corks. We do save our corks when we drink wine because the kids love to play wiith them, and while we do enjoy an occasional bottle of wine around here, we did not have THIS many corks laying around the boat. We actually - ahem-"harvested" them from the cork recycling box at Whole Foods. We're recycling, right? You could also probably ask at a local restaurant or wine store. Or just start drinking heavily and let your creativity flow.
Then we got a yard stick at Home Depot for $0.49 and went to work. Pick out the corks you like the best, decide which side you want facing out, and hot glue them in a row. I don't recommend drinking heavily while using the hot glue gun. Let's just say it's a bad idea.

We installed this first one in Zach's "office" (former bathroom/ head) and he's already loving pinning this and that up there. But I am dying to find another spot on the boat to cork up. So easy and convenient for keeping notes and lists and such. And, you know, an excuse for more wine.

So start drinking and get crafting and see where it leads you!
Or just start drinking. 
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