Saturday, September 29, 2012

the other half

In the world of hyperbole and stereotype, power boaters and sail boaters are like cats and mice. We call them stink pots, we swear as they speed by leaving us rocking in their wake, we poopoo their exhaust fumes. And yet... when offered a sunset ride on a picture perfect evening on a power catamaran this group of sailors said, "hell yeah!"

Just before our pals Tig and Serena sailed away we were treated by a local friend to a cruise on a Leopard 39 Powercat. It was fast and smooth and very weird riding way up high on the top deck.
(Tig lounging on the powercat, living it up!)

(view from the top deck of the powercat... typical Annapolis day on the water with Naval Academy sailboats under spinnaker, the Schooner Woodwind and some other boats.)

The kids LOVED it, like almost came out of their skin with glee. And of course the crazy jet ski guys chasing us up river and playing in our wake made for quite a show.

So now we know how the other half live. Would we convert over? Well... maybe... one day... perhaps. But we'll still shake our fists at them when they zoom by.
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