Thursday, March 14, 2013

pondering the universe

Naia was quiet for a long while. This in itself is somewhat or a miracle. I was cooking (another miracle) and Zach was of course nose in a book. She toddled over to the steps that lead to the galley and peered around to the stove. It made me laugh because our dearly departed Schooner dog would do the exact same thing, eyes wide and ever hopeful for a scrap.

She sighed dramatically and said, "Mama, I frustrated." I expected something concrete like needing help with a puzzle or untying something or reaching something up high.

But instead I heard this, "I try and try but I can't  see my back. I know it there, but I can't see it!"
"Oh my," I said. "That can be very frustrating indeed."
"And why come every time I try to touch squirrels they run away up tree? I REALLY want to touch one."
(Trying not to laugh) "I want to touch one too. I've been trying for years. So has Zach. Those squirrels can be tricky."
Then looking over at Zach she frowns so hard it would break your heart. "And Zachawy reads, and mama reads, and Dada reads, but Naia can't read." Cue the sobs.

Well, at least with number three I can help with a cuddle and a story. I am NOT a proponent of early reading and teaching your tot to read, but of course a love of words and stories is a must. I love the Gerda Muller seasonal books because they are just pictures, so I encourage her to "read" them to me without getting distracted by words.

But as for your back and those squirrels. Well I guess that is part of life. My biggest frustration for as long as I can remember is wanting to have a soundtrack for my life as it happens. I mean portable and instant music has come a LONG way since I was young, but what I want is like a personal brain Pandora that starts THE perfect song in my ear at the perfect moment. Maybe, one day. In the mean time I am happy to ponder the imponderables with my baby, and take the 5 seconds to put on the perfect song to dance our worries away, and live and love the moment.
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