Friday, February 14, 2014

snow day

Look... it's my kids. In the snow.



No snow days for homeschoolers, but we're also not staying in, chained to the books. When the wind and bitter cold temps finally let up the kids busted outside, so happy to be able to run around without Jack Frost chasing them back indoors.

To be honest this weather is a little crazy making. We're muddling by. Lots of baking. Lots of reading in blanket forts. Lots of organizing and purging of stuff. A lot more screen time than normal (thank goodness for Shirley Temple and Mr. Rogers.) A lot more promising to appreciate the heat no matter how hot it gets.

The kids have noticed the weather extremes. Naia just keeps asking how many more days until "sunner". Zach said to me the other day, "With all this crazy weather happening all over the world, isn't obvious that just a couple of degrees temperature difference can really mess up the earth?"  I said, absolutely and I wish more adults realized that. Then I asked him what he thought we should do about it? He answered, "I think if people stopped buying so much factory made stuff, and drove cars that didn't use gasoline, and put solar panels on everything that would probably help."  I guess he's been listening to a lot of NPR with me. Then Naia chimed in, "And we need more twees. I love twees."

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