Saturday, July 11, 2015

70's Summer

It seems to be the trendy thing to reminisce about the good old days when kids would run free in packs around the neighborhood all summer having unplugged fun during unscheduled days.

Every year I get a little nagging feeling, the little voice whispers "Camp. Classes. Make some plans!" But then when I research it never seems worth it. Why would I pay someone else to play with my kids? Why would I pay (and pay a lot mind you) for someone to take my kid out kayaking or hiking? We do that all the time as part of our every day. I then realized that we sort of live at day camp. Plenty of arts and crafts, pool, water sports, hiking, wilderness, and with better food.

So that's what's been happening the last month or so. Creative free time...

(upstairs/ downstairs boat style)

Spontaneous water and bubble fun...

Fishing, of course. Always fishing with my sweet boy. And monkey see, monkey do wants in on the fish action too. This year she is coordinated enough to handle a real hook. And she's learning to deal with the disappointment of not catching anything too. That's all part of that 70's summer thing, right? Letting kids fail, experience disappointment, not making everything ok all the time.

We've been hanging out in the woods as much as the ticks let us. Picking wineberries, following deer tracks, and having little fairy picnics.

And of course sailing when we can. Choo Choo had his first sail. He was a little... worried. He spent most of the time glued to me, right between my legs at the helm.  I am getting the feeling lately that Naia is prone to sea sickness. She's never complained about it or lost her stomach, but she tends to go right to sleep once we get underway. No complaints about a nap from my energizer bunny.

To me it's not a 70's summer throw back thing. It's just summer. Just living life to the fullest and chalking up experiences over accomplishments. I am not sure I could do it any other way.

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