Thursday, August 20, 2015

Up and Out

It's been 18 days. We hauled the boat out with a check list and a budget and a time line, but of course all of those things were washed away. Four times the cost, four times the time, check list growing. The boat is not merely getting a pedicure, she's having an extended spa vacation.

It's always puts a little knot in my stomach to watch the travel life haul the boat up and out of the water. So awkward and unnatural, I often speak for her and decide she feels gawky and exposed when she's lifted out of the water.

(all of these are cell phone pics... sorry!)

I feel the same way when off the boat, unnatural and lost. We had a house and critter sitting gig at a friend's house for 2 weeks, we thought that would be more than enough time to cover the haul out. We were wrong. Our friends were extremely gracious to let us stay in the house even after they came home. We are crazy grateful. There are chickens and bunnies and a garden and friends who are like family. It's all good.

For the time when we were just house sitting here though it was... weird. This may have been our longest stint just hanging out and living in the suburbs. And yes, the endless hot showers and free laundry was fabulous. There is no denying that. But I found myself going a little stir crazy. I was lonely. I realized that I am so very used to being able to head to the marina pool, or sit under the oak tree, or hang out in the cockpit playing music, and there will always be someone walking by who comes and has a chat. Or a glass of wine. Or hey let's have a group meal. I need that. A lot. We would go back to the marina just to say hi to people and hang out. And stare despondently at our empty patch of water.

So we head to the boat yard to check on progress. Slow going. Weather hasn't been agreeable. We breathe deeply, climb a ladder to get on board and grab some personal belongings, and hope that she'll be ready. Soon.

 (This is Steve. Our fates are in his capable hands.)

(sorry, all of these are cell phone pics!)

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