Sunday, November 08, 2015

Five Times Around The Sun

~~~I am way behind here with photos and writing about what we've been up to.  Partially it's because sometimes when life is so full and so fabulous you just have to soak it all in before you can reflect on it all. And mostly it's because we had a laptop crash, and I lost all of my photos from 2015 (ouch). Then we lost internet for about a month and I swear I became common law married to the Comcast tech guy who was on the boat nearly every day sorting out the issue. Back in the saddle and catching up now. ~~~

This fiery little soul is 5 years old now. She waits for the signs each year, watching the trees closely, waiting for them to change. As leaves fade from green to yellow and red and orange and brown, she starts asking... "Is this the day? Is it my happy birthday now? The leaves are showing me it's my birthday!"

Her big day was small but sweet. A little cake with friends, some celebrating with our immediate family. And walk with her birthday silk umbrella.

This girl is full of spark and love and curiosity and she is tough and tender all at once. She loves music and animals and little things and pushing her brother's buttons whenever she can. She is my muse and my teacher and the one who makes me laugh each and every day. Happy 5th Birthday my sweet Naia.

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