This is the hardest part for me. About me? Well, what about me?
I guess I can tell you I am Cindy. My husband and I have lived aboard full time since 1998. First on our PDQ36 catamaran which we cruised on in 2001-2002 with our beloved mutt Schooner-dog. Then, just 10 days before Zach was born, we moved (no mom & dad, not to a house, sorry!). We moved on to a bigger catamaran, this time a St. Francis 44 (see The Boat for details).

We plan to cast off again in a few years when we'll head south and follow the wind.

Before I was a mommy, I spent way too much of my time on the road working as a producer/ director for various television programs on HGTV, DIY Network, A&E, Travel Channel, Food Network, etc etc. Fluffy cable stuff. After Zach was born I decided to stay home and stick to script writing for the same shows. That has fizzled to a dull roar along side our economy, so I keep my mind busy doing a little magazine writing and running my mouth on this blog. I love to take photos (I have been a shutterbug since I was a wee girl) and I dream of having the equipment one day to do it right.

I am an opinionated Pisces who doesn't just like to travel and be outdoors, but NEEDS to in order to keep my sanity. I am terrible at cooking, sewing, crafting, nesting, and schedules. I excel at flying by the seat of my pants, being spontaneous, going with the flow, trying new things, and day dreaming.

More than anything I love my little boy and wee girl, I am constantly amazed that my husband puts up with me, and I can't imagine living any other way than afloat.

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