Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hawaii - Free Range Kid

Zach loved waking up in the morning, collecting duck eggs and fruit from around the farm, eating the food HE harvested for breakfast, and then running free until the next food fuel-up was required. His grandpa showed him how to make and use a blowgun just like his chuncho ancestors. Thanks for that by the way Grandpa.

So he ran around like a little Lord of the Flies savage boy, blowgun in hand, 10 acres at his disposal, carefree, filthy, barely dressed... just the way little boys were meant to be.

My dad's place is run completely off the grid. Zach loved that his grandpa's farm is solar powered just like our boat. Grandpa also has a wind generator to take advantage of the nearly always present trades that whip through. He collects rainwater for the garden and animals. And they keep everything simple, low draw, and take advantage of the natural breezes and shade as much as possible. The solar array sits south facing just outside the "guest shed".

I don't think Zach had one indoor bath the entire time we were there. Who can blame him?

Every evening Zach helped Granny feed the ducks, sheep, and horses and of course Gurly the mule. He loved giving the ducks a run and cuddling with the babies.

Free range boy explored parts of Grandpa's land I don't think even Granny or Grandpa had checked out. He was beyond excited to find "REAL FOSSILS!". A huge cow skull, a big cow pelvis (I think), and a perfect muskrat skull that we (sigh) ended up taking home to display on the boat.


candace said...

Totally awesome. This is the coolest thing ever. Makes me wanna buy a boat. LOL :D Love grandpa's place, too. How awesome!

Tanya said...

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boatbaby said...

Thank you Candace!

Tanya, I finally had a chance to check out your site. What a treasure! I will surely be stopping by more and more! Thank you!

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