Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hawaii - From The Land

The ducks are very sly about where they hide their eggs. But Granny knows all of the tricks!



After picking and eating a sweet mini pineapple from the garden, Zach helped Grandpa put it in the "nursery" along side the baby cocoa (chocolate) plants. Zach was obsessed with the idea that grandpa had chocolate trees!

By far Zach's favorite thing to do was collect coconuts. It was an activity he pursued with youthful enthusiasm and primal persistence.

After Zach collected several brown coconuts only to find they no longer had juice, we scored with this bunch.

Actually I had to shimmy part way under a rusty wire fence to reach them as they did not fall on my dad's property. The things we'll do for our kids!?

Watching daddy use a machete was a sobering yet thrilling sight.

And of course getting to drink fresh coconut water was a true treat!

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waldorfmama said...

so enchanting!

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