Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fort

Playsilks are the ultimate form of amusement. They pack away small and play big. You can never have enough of them.


ShangriLewis said...

Oh I love those pictures. Did you make your play silks?

What other "toys" does he like?

We have thought about boat living and talked with our boys about the stuff we would bring on the boat with us.

boatbaby said...

I didn't make the silks myself. I have collected them here and there over the years from various work-at-home-mamas via and

He loves his little animals (plastic snakes are a big hit!) and gnomes. Loves shells and rocks and sticks. Loves dress up. And he is getting more and more into building with blocks. He loves empty boxes, pieces of random wood, and wool yarn. Of course books, books, books. He gets so absorbed in books!
Boat living is so outdoor oriented you mostly play in the dirt, water, sand, etc. the toys are for storms or cold if you winter north.
And for days home sick.

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