Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barefoot in November

It was one of those wonderful days where we were bundled up in our fleece and barefoot all at once. The bay beckoned and off we went. It might be our last hurrah before winter sets in.

Should I take over as Captain...?

Nah, I'd rather just jump on the foredeck!

As the sun got lower in the sky, the chill set in a bit. Zach asked if we could make a "snuggle pit" in the cockpit. He and I had a little snooze as the breeze rocked us gently through the rare November sunshine.

Our friends we call "The Crazy Romanians" came out with us. Here is "C" with Zach & daddy, the guys had fun tooling around.

Our dear friend "I" came totally overdressed for the outing. I made her strip off a few pounds of jewelry before we left, but she looks lovely and glam none the less. Very much a yacht outing, n'est pas?


danag said...

Cindy- I hope you know that Uncle Steve continuously sends me links to your blog. Zach is ridiculously cute, and it sounds like you are all having a great time! Hope all is well.

boatbaby said...

Thanks Dana! I hope we can all see each other sometime in Miami!

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