Thursday, November 27, 2008


We made one of those little plastic craft trees that you write what you're thankful for on various leaves and stick them to the tree to use as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Zach wrote "mom" on one leaf and "dad" on another. The he wrote "love" on another leaf and asked me how to spell "Majestic" for another (the name of our boat).

The he pauses thoughtfully and says, "Mom, how do you spell 'Declaration of Independence?'"

Uh, that's a lot to write on one little plastic leaf there buddy.

"But mom, if we didn't have the Declaration of Independence we would still be ruled by that bad British king. We need to be thankful for that."

Oh, ok.

The next one he asks me to spell "End of the Civil War". Because mom, if we didn't have the ned of the Civil War there would still be slavery. That would be terrible. We need to be thankful for THAT too.

Oh, ok.

He also wrote down "Ferdinand Magellan" because "he was the first guy to sail around the world and we wouldn't have any good sea maps if it wasn't for him."

Next year we're going to need some bigger leaves I think.

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