Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend of Light

This weekend we celebrated Hanukkah surrounded by friends and food and music and wine.

Zach's best buddy Miss T decided she wanted to see what Hanukkah was all about, so we headed to her house with an armful of latkes and dreidels for all. Of course, I managed to lose our menorah between last year and this year. Oh boat life. Things that get stored in the bowels of the boat are often never seen again. I guess King Neptune is part Jewish. But we improvised and made the evening our own in many ways. The Hanukkah story was told with crazy embellishments (fueled by the required wine the adults were helping themselves too). Candy canes were passed out along with chocolate gelt (because Miss T doesn't like chocolate). And we danced away the night to Cajun and Salsa music. Then the kids put on a show singing Christmas songs (since many of them were written by Jews - White Christmas, Silver Bells, Rudolph, Let It Snow to name a few). It was a magical night.

And to celebrate the seond night of Hanukkah, we had thousands of lights! We headed into town for the annual Parade of Lights -- boat lights that is. Boat people in a boating town take this annual tradition very seriously. In the past we've joined in on decorating teams and the designs are started months before the parade. This year we just enjoyed watching from a friend's gorgeous tug boat that happened to have a fabulous spot and lots of good food. And the night was capped off with one of the best fireworks show our town has ever put on!

With the days getting darker and darker, I am grateful for the many reasons we have to celebrate the light.



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Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...


Cassandra said...

Oh! The boat parade is SO AMAZING!

Joy said...

How fun! The wooden star candleholder is on waldorfmama's blog tonight too. It's also Finn's birthday candleholder. I love seeing how everyone uses the same item in their own way. I'm glad you had a lovely Hanukkah celebration!

Susanna Joy said...

Sounds like the perfect festival of lights. :) Lovely.

Linda said...

What a beautiful celebration! I love the film clip of the lights on the boats...

Simple Mama said...

Happy Hanukkah to you my friend! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :)

Christine said...

wow. looks like a wonderful night filled with fun and beautiful lights. i had to re-tape some of the lights on the advent table so i took a behind-the-scenes picture to better explain. hope that helps explain :)

Cam said...

My first boat parade! Thanks for sharing! And, I'd never heard of Garden Mama, so thanks for passing on her link.

I am just chock full of gratitude tonight, aren't I?

Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!!

PS-Have you found that many waterfronts do the boat parade? I'd really like to attend one close by someday!

boatbaby said...

Thanks Holly & Cassandra & Susanna! It IS fun! Worth braving the cold.

Cam - I put a comment on your blog with info - but yes, they have them in most waterfront towns. Check local even calendars starting in November. And yes, Gardenmama rocks!

SimpleMama - thank you and Happy Hanukkah to you as well!

Linda - thanks, the clips show the lights better than my feeble excuse for a camera.

Joy - it IS fun to see that candle holder all over. We use it for all sorts of celebrations.

Christine- thank you! your set up is beautiful!!

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