Thursday, June 10, 2010

the kindness of strangers

My husband was speechless. Since he's not really linked into the blogosphere he didn't get it. He didn't get how complete strangers would send us a gift. "Stranger" in that we have not met each other in person, but hardly strange or unknown in the common sense.

Ellen and I have lots of the obvious in common - kids aboard boats. Her blog s/v Rubicon is sweet and familiar to me and we've chatted about kids aboard and swapped books. When she heard I was expecting she immediately emailed to offer up items that her girls no longer needed (knowing that living on a boat, we did not save a thing from Zach's baby days). The most useful baby "gadget" we had with Zach when he was a boat baby was a sling. Within days, a beautiful fleece sling showed up in the mail with a fabulous tie dye t-shirt and a sweet home made card from the girls. It was the first official thing we were able to put in the locker we have set aside for "baby little" (as Zach calls her). Luckily Ellen should be heading north on her boat soon and hopefully I'll get to meet her in person and give her a big thank you hug.

Then there was the package that arrived from the other side of the planet. Lily is not just an amazingly talented quilter/ knitter/ sewer/ crafter but such a sweet soul with a sharp sense of humor. We identify with each other in so many ways even though we exist in different worlds and different seasons on different sides of the earth. In her blog (Block-a-Day) the love she has for her gorgeous daughter Abby is so clear and true and her projects are mouth dropping beautiful. Why I was fortunate to be gifted one of her beautiful works, I don't know, but I am ever so grateful that she thought of me. A package filled with little treasures including some fabulous new books for my sweet boy (he is devouring the Enid Blyton). And this.
Everyone who has come aboard recently asks me, "Where did you buy that new pillow? It's gorgeous!" And nobody can believe that a lovely Australian lady named Lily made it for me just because. The fabrics are delicious, and match our boat so perfectly you'd think she snuck aboard and checked swatches. And of course the craftsmanship is impeccable. It already has a place of honor supporting my tired back when I sit at the settee.

So my husband is starting to "get it" now. Just like when we were out cruising, just like living aboard here at the marina, this whole blah-blah-blogging thing is all about the community. There's nothing strange about that.


Joy said...

What sweet gifts! That pillow is amazing! Great color and fabrics. :) When are you heading down our direction? This stranger is ready to see you again! I definitely agree with you about this community of bloggers. I never could have appreciated the connection without experiencing it for myself. :)

Cassandra said...

Love this "community" and the sweetness found herein.

Beth said...

Though I know there are dark places on the web, I dwell in the light here and see many examples of love and goodness every day. love, Beth

ellen said...

Some of my most treasured baby things came from people I've never met in person! It's funny how the world is also getting smaller, as I read about your friends in Cruising World- on the cat in Mexico, also friends with Behan!? Too cool- John teased me when I started shouting, I KNOW these people!" No you don't, but somehow you do!

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