Tuesday, June 01, 2010

so close yet...

If you sniff around the places where sailors hang out on the web, you're likely to hear all kinds of fish tales and rum soaked opinions on all things nautical. But nothing curdles my blood more than people trying to out-salt each other. Boat people are generally the best kind of people I know. But sometimes machismo gets the best of the best of them, and it becomes a "how many miles are under YOUR keel?" competition. You're only a real sailor if... You're not a true cruiser unless... Honestly people, save it for the rat race.

One thing I learned while we were out cruising the first time is, it doesn't matter how big your boat it, how "ocean going" its reputation is, whether it's power or sail, how far you've gone, how much blue water time you have, how many storms you've weathered, or how many broken things you've patched back together underway. If you leave the dock, you're doing it. Period. Sometimes fates allign and we get to go and go and go some more. Sometimes we make a small circle and end up where we started.
(like father like son...)

(i spy a ship from Panama...)
(the ship's crew were taking photos of us while we circled and photographed them! Do ya think we ened up on this guy's blog?)

(celebrating going under the bridge with some chocolate ice cream)

Does it matter that our orginal weekend plans dissolved in rain? Does it matter that there was no wind? Does it matter that our mainsail is (STILL) at the sail loft? Does it matter that we were within sight of our home waters the whole time? Do these photos look like we had any less fun? Adventure is all attitude.


Tania said...

With chocolate ice cream on board sailing on a puddle is a winner! (you may glean from that, that I don't often sail).

Adventures of an Aquagirl said...

ohhh i love that last sentence!
Is it yours??? I will be using it.
Adventure is all attitude. love it!

Rebecca said...

Sometimes when I feel like travelling, I take my kids to the airport. It's fun even though we don't actually go anywhere.

I like your blog, but I don't own a boat. It's pretty cool that you live on one.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

You are so right adventure is all attitude! Love the pics and the fact that the guy on the ship was taking pics of you guys :)

Joy said...

I love the shot of Z's legs hang down over the side. So sweet! Isn't that true about life? Things don't always turn out to be what you planned, but you're still living it!

lily boot said...

Huzzah! for the adventuring spirit. Adventure is what you make it and I for one love finding adventures around the corner :-) Adventures with the sun and briny sea - even better.

Gwynneth Beasley said...

I love your spirit!

ourdayourjourney said...

your right about that cindy!!!!

boatbaby said...

Tania - ice cream makes everything fabulous! we are SO grateful to have a freezer on this boat that can keep ice cream.

Aquagirl - sort of borrowed and reworded from Lats&Atts magazine (The difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude) and I am sure they ripped it off from somewhere else too. Run with it!

Rebecca - thanks! Even after years on the road pre-kids airports are still exciting and romantic to me, security checks and all.

Dimsum- I didn't even notice them at first (I have terrible eyesight!) My husband pointed it out.

Joy - I love that shot too. Or maybe i just love those little boy legs so much I want to eat them!

Lily - I agree completely with you as always!

Gwenneth - thank you! Ourdayjourney, I always think of your little one when Z is making his little rock and stone adventures.

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