Monday, November 01, 2010

falling fast

Fall seems to be passing by me like scenery in a speeding car. I spent so much time with my full attention on my belly and then of course my sweet baby, that now the leaves are yellowing to brown gathered on the ground, the sun is so low we scurry in before dinner time, the wind has a definite chill that's required me to dig in the fore lockers for our woolies and jeans.

I spent the weekend trying to savor these last tastes of fall before surrendering to the cold dark season ahead.

We coated some leaves Zach collected in beeswax and hung them up alongside a special Halloween postcard from my pal Chris (MamaRoots) and a fall colored windown star.

Zach watercolored in fall colors. We plan an attampt at making laterns out of his paintings if we can pull it off.

Zach -- inspired by the postcard from MamaRoots, starts writing some of his own for his pals.

The extra leaves were pasted onto an empty pasta jar for a warm autumn lantern.

And of course some dress up and trick-or-treating. Daddy took Zorro boat to boat and to the handful of homes in our little dead end with the neighborhood kids. The 1940's Tyrone Powers version of Zorro was a family movie night not long ago and Zach was totally smitten. This costume was partially home made/ partially ebayed with a heavy helping of duct tape for the sword. Zach came back and decalred "It's tough being Zorro because everyone wants you to save the day." Ah, the burden of a hero.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And enjoy the rest of your fall!


Witchy Mom's Homeschool and Organic Gardens said...

I am also trying to savor what's left of any semblance of warmth and light right now! Congrats on the baby, by the way!

I was looking for some inspiration for a project, and really love the pasta jar candle holder..thanks!

Life On Planet Earth said...

Wow - that is one fabulous costume Zack!

Michele said...

Fall is flying by - and I didn't even have a new baby to contend with!!

Joy said...

Ha! I love that he said that. So cute. :) I know what you mean by fall passing you by. The Christmas that Finn was born I felt like I missed the season altogether. It didn't help that everyone said "what a great Christmas present you got!" I made up for it the next year. :)

Behan said...

Loving the last tastes of fall. it feels so strange here to have Thanksgiving, but such warm days that feel endlessly long (waking up to SUN at 5:30am is just wrong!). The leaf lantern is beautiful...can't wait to see what you do with the watercolor. I'm looking for inspiration for our LED cockpit light!

Anonymous said...

Just a wonderful Halloween- that is so sweet and special- it looks just so fall like!! So happy to see "zorro" create such a lovely garland! Happy Happy halloween to the crew!

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