Monday, November 29, 2010

in defense of fall

The minute the turkey left overs are packed into the fridge, America slams the door on autumn and starts decking the halls like crazy. What? It's only November 20-something. technically winter doesn't start for another month-ish if we go by the Solstice. It seems like fall, my favorite season, always gets short changed.

I am staging a one woman protest. I will not hang lights. I will not bake (not like I do much baking anyhow). I will not start my holidays cards (which I am not even sure I will get to at all this year). I will not wrap or decorate or even dare to hum a holiday tune. No. I am giving November her full glory and giving fall a chance.
The cold northern winds may be trying to blow away our little gourds and piles of acorns. Zach may be wearing his hat and gloves when he plays outside now. The marina may have turned off our dockside water for the season (sigh). And little Naia may gasp that startled baby gasp when the wind hits he rosy cheeks. But I am hanging on. Like the last little yellow leaf on the great oak tree (a favorite fall book for late November). I am hanging on for a couple of more days. Wearing my wool socks.

p.s. To welcome winter - I will be hosting a giveaway on Wednesday Dec. 1 -- stay tuned!


mare said...

those feet! i agree... nothing starts here till december. we spent yesterday baking the pumpkins we grew this summer to warm up the cold kitchen. happy end of autumn!!

gardenmama said...

That's why I love ya Cindy!
Hang on like that last little yellow leaf! Oh, those little feet are seriously precious! xo

Joy said...

I sometimes feel this way too (just not enough to stop me from decorating. :) Enjoy your last few days of November!

Dan N Jaye said...

Oh, you articulated exactly my mood. Worse yet is the tales I've read of people spending all day T-day not at home with family & friends, but WAITING IN LINE, in a PARKING LOT, waiting for bargains when stores open on Black Friday. Can you say "obsessed?"

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

My rule is no winter stuff until after my birthday week has run it's course:) I have a few more days to enjoy.

mudmaven said...

What totally sweet feet! My baby (now 35) was born on Dec. 18 and I refuse to welcome winter before that date and I'm a bit early at that! Love your blog - dh is now living aboard for about 5 months a year and it is so interesting to me to see how you manage it with little ones - we are seniors and it is much easier for us I think. Enjoy your fall - we have snow here already but it is STILL FALL - not winter! ~chris

momma rae said...

i was just driving in my car thinking the same thing. just how much i love autumn and how it gets pushed aside to rush into the holiday season. thanks for this post. your beeswax lantern is bee-utiful!!!

eringoodman said...

i love this cindy. so nicely written.

it's kind of the opposite of what i wrote on my blog today -- but i still really enjoyed reading it!!! and your photos...oh my! those little feet. swoon!!



Anonymous said...

That's why I detest Walmart...they totally started it.

I am with ya, woman! Although, I did string some white lights around some candle holders, I plan on leaving them up year round cause I likes the way they glow in my livingroom :)

Jennifer said...

I swear the pressure to pull-out Christmas gets crazier each year! I still have my Corn hanging on the door and gourds & acorns on the tables for at least another day. This was a glorious extended fall. Gotta love it.

Love her feetsies and house pants.

And I make no guarantee related to baking.


Super Jen

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