Monday, December 20, 2010

mix. roll. bake. eat. remember

That's how we spent part of our weekend. Click on over HERE for the background on these special cookies... and the recipe.


eidolons said...

Your linked post made me cry. Though I've managed to hide it from my boys so far.

My mother died when I was twelve. Some of my most vivid memories are of making holiday cookies with her - Hungarian recipes from her mother. I've not continued the tradition, though I do have all the recipes. I think I may need to rectify that..

Thank you for this post.

Amanda said...

I love your photos of you making cookies. It was definitely a highlight of my childhood, making cookies with my mama, and something I can't wait to pass on to my little girl!

also, I love how bright your boat looks! Sometimes I feel like I'm in a cave!

gardenmama said...

I knew right upon reading your title to this post and then of course seeing the cookies that you were remembering your mama, your beautiful Cindy what a treasure you are to your children xoxo
(keep an eye on your mailbox!) ; )

Joy said...

What a fun time it looks like you all had. :) Enjoy eating those yummy cookies!

Diane Carter said...

Hey sweetie,
This brings back memories of your Mom before she became a self-taught domestic maven. I met her about 1961 when she lived in North Chicago. She complained to your Tio Waldo that she couldn't make coffee, that it always turned out badly. Waldo went to the kitchen with her and found her putting unground coffee beans into a percolator. That's what happens when you grow up and don't spend any time in the kitchen.
Love, Tia

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