Monday, January 16, 2012

a visit with Joy (or Invasion of the Toddler)

This is how the scenario played out in my head. I would pack up Zach and Naia around noon and tote them from the grandparents house just a few miles down the road to Joy's place (from An Art Family). I decided I would drive around a little and grab some coffee so that Naia would magically slip into baby slumber on the drive over. Then asleep in the Ergo I would send Zach off to play with the big kids while Joy taught me how to knit.

The problem is she is not a baby anymore, she is a toddler. She toddles, she babbles, she explores everything to the fullest. So there was no nap. She instead sang at the top of her little lungs all the way to Joy's place. And there was no knitting. She instead found ways to make a serious mess of everything she touched.

But there was laughter and catching up and fabulous food (of course fabulous food at Joy's place!) and ideas exchanged and plans made. That's what it's all about. <3

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