Monday, January 30, 2012

that back room

(The "work room" before. Frightful.)
I think I mentioned a little while back we were making some changes in the aft port cabin. It was once the "work room/ pantry" but in reality it was a dump/ junk room. I invaded, kicked out my husband and his tools, and took over. Do you have any idea how awesome it feels to COMPLETELY empty a room? Every. Last. Scrap. And then a fresh coat of paint.

Of course the trade off is that much of what got displaced in the great shuffle of stuff is now in the plastic bubble of the winterized cockpit. It looks like a bomb went off in there. But it's temporary. (I keep needing to remind myself of that.) And more stuff gets carried off to Goodwill or the trash each day and other stuff organized back into a proper place.

So what does it say about my personality that I have this weird desire to keep this back room empty now. Wait, don't answer that.
I love coming down to the galley and having this wide open room next to me, ripe with possibility. Here's the rough plan though... it's going to be a homeschool/ crafting space. The back room (which was originally a head - aka bathroom) will get a little desk where my (soon to be new) sewing machine will live and where the laptop can come down when mama needs her own space to work.

Then the pantry door will get a coat of chalkboard paint. And so will a portion of the counter... I think. Then we build a little box around the air conditioning/ heater unit and the top of the box will be a shelf (yes boat geeks, the box will be vented). The floor is astro-turf/ indoor outdoor grass stuff. Don't laugh. There is a rhyme and reason for this.

(How you keep a baby busy while you install a floor. Well, now I know she's not allergic to latex.)

And the main counter will be shelves and cubbies galore of some sort to store all of our creative odds and ends. I have been pinning organization ideas like crazy on Pinterest. So many ideas, one small room.
Oh, and somehow or another we will be working in a few of these beauties from the beach.
Lots to think about in that back room. I am picking away at it little by little as my husband is bed bound for several weeks after a surgery and he can't see what I am doing. (insert evil laugh here).
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