Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sunrise to sunset

I feel like we've been let out of a cage. Winter was so mild and lovely here, we can hardly complain, but it seems with the official start of spring we are living our usual outdoor life now in full swing.

I find myself scurrying back and forth inside the boat for snacks and diapers and books as we shift our everyday outwards. It feels amazing.

We linger longer at the beach... or in the woods... or on deck. Shoes are getting kicked off. Mud is part of the wardrobe (and ticks, sigh).

Naia is 17 months now. It came and went. One day someone asked me how old she was and I had to ponder and calculate and just couldn't fathom that my baby is just about a year and a half. "Sout-sigh!!" (outside) is one of her favorite words. She is full of determination and so stinkin' independent.

And the ducks now know her call as well as Zach's. Mrs. Quackers is back (we know her from her limp) and Zach has been loyal about evening feedings of the local Mallards.
Then the sun starts to dip down into the creek and I realize that it's the dinner hour. Most evenings find me at the coffee shop chained to the computer cranking on my current contract for the Food Network while Doug takes the evening kid shift... but I try to make an evening here and there to be present for dinner. My sweet boy sets such lovely tables how could I resist?

Sunrise to sunset we are savoring each day we have.
Even though sleep is scarce these days, I am going to bed with a smile. Kids are filthy and cheeks are sun kissed and shoes are caked in sand and mud. Yes.

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