Monday, April 30, 2012

lukey's boat is painted...

That song... it won't leave my brain. It started with the little Music Together class we take Naia to and this was the song she latched on to and sang and asked to hear over and over again. "Lukey's boat is painted green a-ha, me boys." Do you know it? No? Here have a listen to a far cooler version than the Music Together one courtesy of the fabulous Great Big Sea. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Don't worry, this is going somewhere. So we decided as a family to buy Lukey, I mean Zachie, his own little boat this year. We pondered the extraordinary cost of sailing camp and said for that much (or even less actually) we could get him his own boat and then he can sail any time he wants and not just at the camp. So a friend helped us score a sweet deal and here we have her.
She's a 9-foot Dyer Dhow and she's now part of our fleet. Catamaran, inflatable dinghy, kayak, and now sailing dinghy.
(this could be a mast, right mama?)

We haven't decided on a name yet. If I let him go with the first name that came out of his mouth the boat would have been named HMS Batman Lasagna. I told him that maybe we should take the next several weeks to write down the names that come to us, all of us in the family, and toss them in a jar, and... ya know... think about them. So the boat is yet unnamed.

However the color scheme is decided and in progress. We did some small repairs today, some fiberglass patches, and cleaning. Hopefully if the weather agrees we'll get the colors on this week. Yes, colors as in multiple. From the boy who requested a rainbow room, did you really think a plain white boat would do? No sir. Zachie's boat is painted... well... you'll see.

Now admit it, you want to hear the song again. And again. Welcome to my world.

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