Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Indigena - book giveaway

This is my friend Cindy. See how she's glowing? That's because not only is she an amazing all around human being, but she also just published her first book.
Indigena is a novel celebrating the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. Gringos often only know that Cinco de Mayo is a time for cheap cervesas and mucho guacamole. Do you know the story behind this special day? Cindy learned about it while she was living in Mexico and what started as a travel magazine article turned into a novel and spiritual journey.

In her own words: "INDIGENA is about learning to sing your own unique song and the journey that it might take to hear the symphony. It is about the music and communication that surrounds us everyday. It is also about the infinite realm of possibility when a situation appears unfavorable. Adversity is an invitation to find our power. In  the Battle of Puebla a highly decorated French Army was defeated by a newly recruited Mexican Army largely comprised of indigenous men with little or no military training. INDIGENA is a story of triumph and the expansive effect a seemingly small event can have in the Universe."

Cindy is a friend and a neighbor and our kids play together so this is such a wonderful accomplishment for those of us who are lucky enough to know her. So go buy the book, spread the word, like the Facebook page, and...

... Leave a comment below for a chance to WIN a signed copy of the book! Comments will close on Cinco De Mayo (of course!) and I will pick a random winner over the weekend. Gracias!

COMMENTS CLOSED - Monique you are the winner! Thanks everyone for your support!

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