Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the barnacle and the darting fish

Zach and I have this joke. Basically he is always right at my side, like physically next to me. Sometimes I don't realize he is at my side and I end up accidentally knocking him with my elbow or stepping on him. "My little barnacle," I often declare. "You need to give mama some space." Maybe Naia heard that in the womb and took it to heart because she never. sits. still. And wherever I am she is darting rapidly in the opposite direction. Head strong, feet marching.

She seriously never looks back, doesn't check to see where we are, and certainly doesn't turn or come when we call out to her. She marches on. And on. So determined, jabbering in toddler alien speak all the while. jibber-jabber jibber-jabber blue dog. jibber jabber jibber jabber hot sun. jibber jabber jibber jabber hi boys!

One day I will know what she's saying. And maybe even know where she's going and why. And one day perhaps she will turn back and wait for me and I will get to join her on her adventures. In the mean time, I am one tired mama chasing behind and the only photos I seem to catch are of her going... and going... and going. My little barnacle and I laugh and wonder at our wee darting fish.

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