Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's been a while. I wish I had some earth shattering adventure to report, but really what happened was I lost my camera battery charger, our little back up camera died, and even my cell phone died. I blame solar flares. Or something.

The thing I noticed while not hanging out behind the lens is just how very much my children are growing. Like physically changing day by day. Each morning I swear I wake up with a totally different set of children than the ones I watched drift off to sleep the night before.

But the best part of this past week or so was FINALLY getting Zach's little boat in the water and sailing. It's a long, weird, not very interesting story, but in short we've  been waiting on a critical little piece of the boat that we didn't have and it took a long time to order and get here. But here she is in all of her splendor. Turquoise on the inside, yellow on the outside, and still unnamed.

He has a bit to learn on handling this wee boat. The good news is that aside from mom and dad, Zach has a few little friends here at the marina who are confident sailors that he can learn from. Sometimes it goes smoother when they do something new with another kid. 

Naia loves her dinghy rides these days. She grabs her life jackets (we call it a "floatie") and says, "I ready! I ready! I ready go vroom vroom!" Her language is exploding and she spends most of the day talking and singing and talking and singing (her favorite tune is Elizabeth Mitchell's Little Bird. She likes to substitute the birds we have around here so she'll sing, "Night Heron Night Heron come my window!"  Cracks me up every time!)
(free printable birds found here via Pinterest)

The camera is back in commission now, so I'll try to stay a little more up to date... 

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