Wednesday, August 01, 2012


They are finally hitting that age. Before Naia was just a thing that took up mama's time. Then she was a dolly, a dolly who did NOT want anyone fawning over her 9 times out of 10.
(He loves to do her hair, she is not so keen on the idea.)

Then for a short while she was Babyzilla who ran about knocking down projects and tearing up art work. She progressed to "she who can be ignored" as he disappeared into a book or off fishing from the dock with the big kids in the marina while she watched from the sidelines. And then one morning, they started playing. Together. Peacefully. For like a couple of hours. Playsilks were hung, puppet shows were put on, cars were driven through block built streets, tea was served with the tea set. Now when he reads, she jumps on his lap to listen or mimics with her own pile of books. Now when he paints, she can paint too. (He's painting driftwood and she is painting her thighs, but hey they're both painting!)

Even when he runs off to go fishing or play on deck, she asks for her "floatie" and shoes so she can tag along. 

The bliss may be short lived. Or not. I'll take it while I have it. I hope they always find a way to stay connected.


Princess Aboard said...

He will adore her. I have 3 brothers who have all been protectors n best friends through life.

Justine said...

Lovely! Enjoy this special time...makes a me a little bit sad for my only boy.

Amanda said...

Sibling love is great, isn't it!

Happiness is... said...

Were you handing out in the stack pack in order to get the one shot of them over the ports? LOL. I love their connection and yes, I can see how a little toddler could be considered Babyzilla to an older boy with treasured books, legos, art, etc.

Enjoy every moment… :)

Super Jen

Coasting Anon said...

Ha ha! We use 'babyzilla' in play all the time to help our son (just turned 3) with his train-track-crashing little sister (9 mo).

I'm a new reader...can you share your kid's age difference?

boatbaby said...

Coasting Anon - the kids are 6 years apart in age. I feel like it's a good spread so far. Z is old enough to have good humor about her toddler antics most of the time. And he's a great helper! Thanks for stopping by!

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