Thursday, November 29, 2012


There is something about sailors and pilots. They tend to be cut from the same cloth. Adventurous, a little nuts, driven yet relaxed. We like those people and we're lucky to have more than a few pilots in our life. Zach is fascinated by airplanes and flight and I feel very fortunate that he gets a first hand insight from our flying friends.

Our buddy Peter flies for a major US commercial airline, but that's not quite enough for him. For the last 6 years he has been building his own plane in a rented workshop at the marina. He is a long time friend and fellow boat dweller and we have been keeping up with his progress as he's pieced together his airplane, from scratch, one little gravity defying jigsaw puzzle piece at a time. Truly, mind boggling.

 We dropped in to check out his progress recently. He has to keep the palne partially disassembled just so it will fit the wee space he's working in. Even in parts, it's starting to look like an airplane now.

He is so generous about answering the thousand little questions Zach has and showing him what's what when we drop in. He even allowed a little personal touch.
Zach has already very clearly made it be known that he would like to be among the first to take this baby for a spin when she's flight ready.

From the DIY'er to the high flier... our dear friend Shanon is a private pilot. Even though they live far away now, our families are very close, Zach adores their son who is the same age. Shanon flies a hedge fund manager around in high style on a private jet. There have been times when circumstances have allowed Shanon to fly in his son to come play with Zach for the day. Don't get used to that kind of play date, we tell the boys! He flew in for a day (without the kids) last week and treated Zach and Naia to a morning on the jet.


Zach was blissed out as Shanon showed him every detail and how to push buttons and get the plane ready for the day. I thought we were going to have to pry him out of the co-pilot's seat.

Naia, who has never been on a plane, acted like a private jet was the most normal thing in the world. She climbed right on, checked the place out, and then found her seat and kept declaring, "I ready! I ready, we go now." She was truly in her element. Once again all I could think was, don't get used to this kid.

I am so grateful to our pilot friends who are so generous with their time and attention. It's always so remarkable when you have other adults in your life who will share so generously with your kids as if they were their own. Priceless.

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