Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wee girl time

One day a week we drop Zach off at wilderness survival school where he spends 5 hours hiking and starting fires and building shelters and collecting plants. And suddenly it becomes a girls day out. At first I found myself not really knowing what to do with Naia during those days. She is so used to being the tag along rather than the focus. There's an errand to run, or a Zach activity to head out to, or we meet up with his friends and she just comes along and enjoys whatever we're up to. But now we had most of a day that could be all about Naia, with no sibling interruptions, no schedules, no agenda. And her favorite thing to do is "go for walkies!"

Oh how I love getting to know this mighty girl one on one. She is so independent, so focused and so joyful. Singing and chatting to everything, looking for owls, giving directions (you sit here mama, no right here please and I give you leafs ok?)  She is so sure of herself it blows me away.

This girl time is pure bliss for me, and the best part is it's just the beginning.

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