Monday, August 12, 2013

sunset junque shop

Along the coast of Lake Michigan where our family has had a cabin for 32 years there are beaches and blueberries and vineyards and sunsets.

But one of my favorite Michigan spots since I was a girl is the Sunset Junque Shop. This quirky little side road joint is part antique shop, part freak show, part junk yard, part museum, part treasure chest. It always makes me happy that I don't own a house when I go here, or I might walk out with a very empty wallet and all kinds of crazy junk (or junque!)

The kids had fun exploring here with their cousins, well Naia napped in the car the whole time but Zach always loves this place.

Back home now and recovering from 1700+ miles of driving with the 2 kids in my wee Honda Civic all while trying to deny that I was sick as a dog. Ends up I have bronchitis. Blah. So happy to be back on the boat and moping around in my own little floating home while I recover.

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