Monday, September 09, 2013

are we home yet?

We have been traveling pretty much non stop since the end of July. It's official. I am exhausted. First there was Chincoteague. Then Michigan. Then Chicago. Then New York for the HOOT. Then Shenandoah National Park (we went with our friend Joy and her family, she is a much more diligent blogger than me and already posted all about it here.) And in between on the free days we've been out sailing.


And through it all I have been sick (bronchitis) and tired (ok I am just old) and Naia has been a handful (she's a professional toddler) and good old Zach has been a delight... but then threw us a curve ball by falling off a galloping horse. He is in one piece. Banged up a bit, but will be back in the literal saddle again soon.

So, until I can screw my head on straight... here are a few random photos from recent adventures.

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