Sunday, March 30, 2014

color mantra

As I write this... we are in our third day of non-stop rain. And this afternoon we had thunder snow. Seriously, go home winter. You're drunk.

Other years at this time we were barefoot on the beach and dancing under the cherry blossoms. We've decided to try to give Mother Nature the hint by playing with as much color as possible hoping she'll imitate.

We like reading about how other cultures throughout history celebrated the changes in season with each solstice and equinox. There are loads of great web sites that talk about this for spring, like this one. And of course we love Wendy Pfeffer's books too. So this year Zach and I thought it would be fun to imitate the Indian Holi celebration by having a bit of a color war with friends on a rare, dry day.

Next year, we need to get more powder. They had a BLAST throwing and smearing color powder on each other.  While it does wash out, this is not something to do in your Sunday best.

While cooped up on the boat during this wicked 3 day squall, we have been painting, and planting seeds, and painting some more. Anything to keep busy and ring in spring time, at least in spirit even if the heaters are still on full blast.

Finger and toes crossed that we can pop the bubble and hatch out into some decent weather later this week. Please.

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