Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrating Zach

Celebrating my boy was such an easy, mellow, sweet time just like this easy, mellow sweet kid.

After our usual traditions at home, he wanted to invite some friends for a fishing birthday party. I have to say I was pretty hesitant at first. Fishing is sort of a solo endeavor. Quiet, solitary, and ok, kind of boring. I was worried Zach would be in his fishing Zen place and his friends would be bored to tears. Thankfully I was wrong.

We decided on a fishing lake that was supposed to be stocked. The idea was that this way there would be a better chance for the kids to actually catch something, making it a little more exciting. Plus there was a park right there for kids who didn't want to fish or just got bored with it.  The bad news is, nobody really caught anything. A few small ones and an accidental turtle (who was set free unharmed) and that was it. The good news is that the kids had a blast anyhow.

I even set up a few fishing themed crafts in case the anyone got bored. We had some fish printing on little sewn flags and making lures. In the end the dads ended up partaking in the crafts more than anyone, they were cranking out the homemade lures.

Fishing and playing and canoeing and just soaking in the beautiful day, it was such a perfect day to celebrate Zach. Ten years old. Amazing.

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