Friday, June 27, 2014

adventure park

Walking up to it, it reminds me of the wide shot of the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi. Minus the angry but lovable little critters throwing rocks at you. 

Last month after wrapping up official homeschool work until fall, we met up with some old friends and spent an afternoon climbing and crossing and zipping at the Adventure Park At Sandy Spring School

Ok, I say we loosely. Zach and his friends did it all. I hung out with the little Miss on terra firma chasing bugs and running in the woods.

We came to this very place with these very friends about 2 years ago. it's amazing how much the kids have grown and how much their confidence and skills have evolved in that time. Last time they were barely making it through with loads of adult help. This time they were confidently making their way through each course and then racing back to the start to try a new one. I am kind of glad I have Naia as an excuse not to tag along at this point. Not totally sure how I'd feel dangling up there. I am happy to stay on the forest floor snapping photos. 

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