Wednesday, October 15, 2014


My wee girl is now four years old. She's spunky, sharp as a tack, loving, fierce, and curious. I love how she plays with insects, sings and sings, and talks the day away making up little stories. Oh the stories that go and go. Any two things become her characters, safety pins, crayons, grains of rice, they all get assigned roles and talk to each other quite dramatically. And the blurred line between make believe and reality always shows when she narrates herself through everyday activities.

"Mommy where are my shoes, I asked?"

"I don't want any carrots, I declared walking away from the table."

Her birthday was full of heavy rain and dark clouds, but my little sunshine didn't care a bit. She had everything she requested, just mommy, dada, brother, and chocolate cake, perhaps not in that order. We played, read stories, ate her favorite foods (black beans and more black beans), and watched a movie.

Doug carved out a fairy house from a pumpkin the night before that was waiting for her in the morning. I saw one just like it on Pinterest and left him to make it happen. He did a fabulous job, way better than I would have managed. And she was over the moon thrilled!

And Zach came  up with the idea of taking cicada wings (yeah we did just happen to have some laying around) and covering them in glitter and tape and leaving them out for her as fairy wings.

Once the rain stopped, we went for a little walk.

And we asked her what she wanted to do. "Mommy, I want to see something I have never seen before!" I love that idea! With only a couple of hours of daylight left, we bailed out the dinghy and hopped in for a ride into town to watch the Sailboat Show breakdown. So many boats moving around to oooh and ahhh at,. It was a mini adventure, just like her.

Happy Birthday Naia!

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