Saturday, January 31, 2015


One month. 2400 photos. Where to start?

The doors. I guess I'll start with the amazing, colorful, simply beautiful facades that line the streets of Granada. Each door, each wall, each street facing wall was a splash of color and individuality. I asked a carriage driver in my cave Spanish what was up with all of the colors. His answer, "Colors make people happy."

Nicaragua made me happy. The sunshine I so desperately needed. The adventure and off beat travel I crave. The chance to view the world and my kids and myself through a totally different lens. People kept asking me why we were going to Nicaragua? WHY? Why was I traveling alone with my kids? The answer was, because it's there. Because a friend said, "Hey you wanna meet up in Nicaragua?" And without a moment of hesitation I said, "Sure."

So we did. We rented a little house in Granada. We got to know the local grocery store, how to safely cross the street, where to catch the local chicken bus, where to find ice cream, fresh baked bread, good coffee. We walked the town each day, and in the evenings. We smiled at the couples who sat in chairs on the street in front of their homes at night, talking to each other. Every night, in front of their colorful houses.

Curiosity. Conversation. Connection. Contentment. And of course color and sunshine. That's why I went.

I'm home now, but I am slowly going through organizing my 2400 photos, so although not in real time I'll post all about our time there over the next couple of weeks.

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