Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Running Away

It took a miracle of technology for me to post this from my phone from Centeal America. I am not terribly computer savvy, especially when my computer isn't with me. We decided to run away from winter. Shocking right? But rather than head to the grandparents in Hawaii we are off on a little adventure to Nicaragua with my friend and fellow blogger Amanda ( http://www.asabee.ca)

I only have a few phone snaps, and even those I can't quite figure out how to post. However, this is a good time to say head over to the Facebook page where I can update a little more easily.

 I will try to post a few more soon and promise a full debrief on our time in Nicaragua complete with real photos when we return.

So far we have... Ridden horses through a remote cacao farm, dodged squalls on Lake Nicaragua in a small fishing panga, made our own chocolate bars, explored the top of Mombacho Volcano, hiked in a cloud forest, taken 7 types of transportation in a matter of 48 hours, indulged in street food, haggled in the markets, swam in a sleeping volcano lake, and every day we are in awe at the beauty of the people and sights of this country.

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