Saturday, February 21, 2015

iced in

We interrupt this slow and sunny meander through Nicaragua to bring you our current reality.

It's February. I so remember, not so long ago, that there were some days in February where the kids could romp without jackets in the clear sunshine. Not happening this year. (orlastyear)

What makes the record breaking low temperatures worse is that the marina is under construction. This is month 3 of what was supposed to be a short project. The docks are a hazard with boards and tools and wires everywhere. The lights have been broken. And then last week... the fresh water system crapped out. That was the final breaking point for me. We had been house sitting and I asked the dear friend whose house we were sitting in if we could stay. And she said yes. So this week we abandoned the boat in the sub-zero temps and played house. And I was so crazy grateful to have these friends who took us into the warm fold of their family and took care of us in the worst of it. It was a slumber party that lasted several days, full of good food and friends and sledding and kids playing non-stop. Oh, and hot showers and laundry.

We're back on the boat now. It's still in the single digits outside tonight. And we still don't have water. And the 10-day forecast is...well...depressing. But this is our home. Iced in and frigid, but still home sweet home.

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