Wednesday, May 06, 2015

girls weekend

Recently Naia and I had a weekend all to ourselves. She was so excited to have a "only girls weekend", yet neither of us really knew what that was going to mean. Of course, when guys have a weekend to themselves, they sit around and eat junky food and watch bad movies, right? We ladies do things a little differently.

This is the disgusting goop that falls under our cockpit floor tiles all winter long. We decided it was warm enough to tackle cleaning the boat cockpit.

Yeah, we know how to party, scrub brushes and a hose. Look out world! Sorry I don't have an after photo, just imagine it all white and clean.

Naia also wanted to plant a garden. We have a long history of neglecting and killing plants in our family, she hasn't caught on to that yet. So I let her plop some tomato seeds into some soil. I am not sure why I bother getting organic everything when nothing will ever sprout up from our dirt box. Ever hopeful, maybe she holds the green thumb in the family.

The best part of girls weekend was just having the undivided attention to spend with my wee girl. We spoiled the dog (even though he is a boy, he was allowed), we played loud music, we looked for water snakes, and I got her hooked on Enid Blyton books. She is such a great little buddy to have around. I can't wait to have more weekends like this with her.

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