Saturday, May 02, 2015

wild edibles walk

I can safely say it now. No more chance of a freeze. It's finally spring. Finally. I know this because Naia said so. And I make it a point not to argue with 4 year olds.

We were chatting in a friend's front yard, kids playing and parents hanging out. The dad of these friends gathered a bouquet of violets and handed it to Naia. She smiled and accepted, then without missing a beat she stuffed the bouquet in her mouth. The look on that dad's face was priceless. He said, "I've never given flowers to a lady before and had her eat them."

I love that Naia knows her wild edibles pretty well for a 4 year old. She gets that clover, onion grass, dandelion, red bud, various mints, and of course violets are all good to munch on.

We proceeded to pick (with permission) all of the violets from their yard, and went home to make violet simple syrup (though it looked more pink than violet/purple.) And from that you can then make lemonade or spritzers for a spring time drink.
Zach invited some friends over to have violet lemonade and red bud ice cubes.

There was quite a bit of sugar in these drinks. Herbal, but sugary. Things got a little silly. Because it's spring.
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