Wednesday, August 03, 2011

this and that and some of that too

Oh dear, I am running on empty over here. The little Miss is keeping us all scurrying as she crawls here and there and pulls herself up on everything and cruises along what she can grab a hold of. The good news is that all of this action equals a baby who finally naps. (insert applause here) The bad news is she is getting into everything and is hell bent on walking and chasing that brother of hers. I may have even purposely dressed her in long girly dresses lately just to slow her down.  :) She is the living definition of determined.
Then the boy and his crabs. All he wants to do is crab. All. Day. Long. He got to the point of catching them with his bare hands. So proud, have a look. This photo was taken right before the little critter grabbed his finger and would not let go. Baby in arms I was totally unable to get the thing off, thank goodness daddy was not to far away and came to the rescue. Needless to say, there were tears. Many things are ending in tears lately. Must be a growth spurt.

And in the midst of baby chasing and boy tending and work deadlines piling on... I have this to contend with.

This is the trunk of my car in all of its splendor. In my defense, it's fairly normal for boat dwellers to use their cars as storage and pack them to the brim. The problem is that in a couple of days we are all piling into this wee Honda Civic and going on a road trip. Alas, the car needs to be emptied so that we can pack all of our things in there. Um, help.

And to top it all off, I no longer have a camera. Not to fear, this was by design. My camera is now in the hands of a dear friend and I am waiting for the new one to ship. And waiting. Like waiting for that rigging I won back in April. Yes waiting. Waiting.
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