Monday, September 26, 2011

right here

Today Zach and I were taking photos of things that are right outside our door (so to speak)... noticing the everyday bits of our world.

:: bits of summer resting by our dock box ::

:: Naia makes sure to point out every plane that passes over our mast ::

:: improperly tied off cleats all over the place ::

:: Zach's cabin from the outside if you were walking by on the dock ::

:: I always wonder whether this mildewing marina life ring would really float after all these years waiting on the dock. I hope never to find out ::

:: Phragmites. Invasive but darn beautiful especially at sunset ::

It was an interesting exercise noticing the little things that caught our eye within a few feet of our front door. It really made me appreciate the everyday beauty and quirkiness of this life we live.
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