Sunday, September 16, 2012

tig and serena

We first met Tig and Serena last year when they drove down from Boston to Annapolis to attend the US Sailboat show. We had a lovely evening together, but it was an evening with lots of other guests and friends and we really didn't get a chance to get to know them as well as we would have liked.

They spent the year in Boston living aboard their boat, and cast off this summer to head south and start their family cruising adventure (which you can read all about here on their blog).

Lucky for us their watery path brought them right back our way again for an extended stay to stock up and enjoy the local sites. They were anchored right in our back yard so to speak so we got to hang out all the time, and we so enjoyed getting to know them better.  Naia is in love with little O who is just a few months older than her. My overbearing, alpha girl scares the the heck out of this sweet little boy, but they have their moments and it's very sweet finally seeing her play with someone her own age rather than chasing behind a pack of 8-year olds.

Little V celebrated her 4th birthday with us, and has been a sweet little presence around the docks. She keeps up with the big kids and always has a smile on her beautiful face.

And of course Tig and Serena themselves are just fabulous. We have loads in commmon and loads to chat about (toddler willing) and it's nice to find friends that feel so comfortable in our weird little world. We tried to trick them into staying all year, but the winds and waves are beckoning them towards the horizon. I can't blame them. But as all cruisers know, the world is round and we will meet again. Fair winds you four!
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