Friday, November 02, 2012

her little book

I have been meaning to share this little project I made for Naia's 2nd birthday, but the project had a delivery problem and only just now showed up. Luckily, being 2 she didn't realize that her birthday gift was a couple of weeks late.

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew right away Naia would love it. Basically, we created an ABC book using family photos.

We used Blurb to print the book. For me it was the easiest, most intuitive site to use. Other sites had too many frilly layouts and crazy additions, I just wanted to upload one photo per page and go, and Blurb let me do that.

She loves, loves, loves the book. It's one of the few she will look through on her own rather than ask someone else to read to her. I hear her talking about each picture, jabbering about what's familiar. So sweet.

It was such a simple, easy gift, and if you are a shutterbug parent then the most difficult part will be deciding which photos to use for each letter.

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