Monday, January 21, 2013

inauguration weather

In the Washington DC area we know it's time to pull out our woolens and crank up the heaters when inauguration day is near. There has yet to be in the history of inaugurations a warm and balmy day for the swearing in. Ok maybe one. But truly it's almost always biting cold and unfit for hours of standing out outdoors squinting at ant-sized figures on a platform a mile away.  I did it when I was young. Now we cuddle up to the laptop and watch from our heated floating home.

I love all of the pomp and color displayed at inauguration time. And of course this year being Martin Luther King Day as well made it especially touching. Zach and I both sort of geek out over Presidential history and today was no exception. So much to talk about and write about and look up and discuss.  There are few things as fun as having him ask me a question about something and getting to say, "I have no idea, but that's a great question. Let's look it up and find out together."

We listened to the inaugural events and then when Naia finally had a nap we took some quiet time to listen to the I Have A Dream speech. There loads of good books out there to read with the kids about Martin Luther King day and all that this particular inauguration stands for. One of our favorites fro little ones is Whoever You Are by Mem Fox.  And for older kids we love People by Peter Spier.

But all that sunny discourse can't hide the fact that we are in the thick of the coldest part of the year. We're hunkering down (again) for a spell of below freezing weather. The good news is the sun is supposed to shine through the cold spell and high winds, so hopefully our shrink wrap bubble does its job and we'll have a little womb to hide in warmed by the sunlight.

There will be loads of reading and making the most of our inside time as the frigid winds sing in the rigging. And lots of dreaming of spring.

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